About Rangers of the West

Welcome to the web home of Rangers of the West, a Rank 10 Kinship on the Gladden server.

Pull up a chair by the fire in the kinhouse, mind you be careful about swigging from the Inn League keg. (RotW is not responsible for the loss of your pants if you don't heed this warning.)  Let's fire up some pipeweed while we tell you about ourselves.

RotW is open to all levels and classes from just out of the intro to endgame, and ages from 12ish on up.  We enjoy an active but casual kin.  Rangers work together to help players with game knowledge, advice and quests. If you want a little alone time and just shoot the breeze in kinchat, you'll find that lively and engaging too.

 We sponsor weekly / weekend raids, quests and fellowships for all levels.  

We also have social events on a regular basis; kin parties, musical bands, forming parades and Rohan charges through towns.   Many  events arise from kin member suggestions. So, don't be shy (but be ready to be drafted to help organize. ;) )

There are 3 very important Rules for Rangers. When you apply you'll be asked to confirm your agreement to abide by the following:

Rule 1: This game is supposed to be fun. There are lots of different ways to have fun in this game.

Rule 2: Treat your fellow players with respect. That's not a toon you're playing with, it's a person.

Rule 3: See Rules 1 and 2.

Well, time for some fresh pipeweed.  If you'd like to join our merry band of Free Peoples, please fill out an application here on the site, and contact any officer in game.

We look forward to bidding you a  hearty welcome to the Rangers of the West.

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